Alkyl Halides

The Chemistry of Alkyl Halides -- Section 9 of Organic Chemistry Notes is 10 pages in length (page 9-1 through page 9-10) and covers ALL you'll need to know about the following lecture/book topics:

SECTION 9 – Alkyl Halides ( R-X)

9-1 -- Preparation of Alkyl Halides from Alkanes
_· Chlorination Reaction (Cl2) - Unselective
_· Bromination Reaction (Br2) – Much More Selective
9-1 -- Why is Bromination Easier to Control than Chlorination?
_· Radical Stabilization
_· Thermochemistry of Bromination and Chlorination Reactions
_· Analysis of Transition States
9-4 -- Allylic Hydrogens
_· Resonance-Stabilization of the Allylic Radical
_· Allylic Bromination and the Use of NBR
_· Reactants that Produce 2 Types of Allylic Radicals
9-6 -- Benzylic Hydrogens
_· Low Bond Dissociation Energy (BDE)
_· Most Favorable Resonance Structure Preserves the Aromatic Ring
_· Benzyl Radicals
9-7 -- Preparation of Alkyl Halides from Alcohols
_· Via the Addition of HX
_· Via the Use of Thionyl Chloride (SOCl2) in Pyridine Solvent
_· Via the Use of Phosphorus Tribromide (PBr3)
9-8 -- Organometallic Compounds
_· Carbon-Metal Bonds (Organometallics)
_· Carbanions
_· Grignard Reagents
_· Organolithium Reagents (the Alkyllithium Reagent)
_· Organocopper Reagents (the Lithium Dialkyl Copper Reagent)
9-10 -- Various Ways to Form New C-C Bonds
_· Formation of New C-C Single Bonds (σ-bonds)

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Chemistry of Alkyl Halides

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