Structure and Reactivity of Alkenes

Structure and Reactivity of Alkenes -- Section 5 of Organic Chemistry Notes is 14 pages in length (page 5-1 through page 5-14) and covers ALL you'll need to know about the following lecture/book topics:

SECTION 5 – Structure and Reactivity of Alkenes

5-1 -- Alkenes (“Olefins”)
_· Strength of a Double Bond (d.b) Relative to a Single Bond (s.b)
5-1 -- Stereoisomerism of Alkenes (Cis/Trans)
5-1 -- Nomenclature of Alkenes

_· 6 Rules for Naming Alkenes
_· Numbering the Principal Chain (Main Chain)
_· Identifying Locator #’s for Double Bonds
_· Endings / Suffixes (-ene, -diene, -triene, and –tetraene)
5-3 -- Naming Branched Alkenes
_· Alkenyl Substituents (Alkenes as Branches)
5-4 -- Naming Alkenes that Exhibit Stereoisomerism
_· E-Configurations and Z-Configurations (E/Z Stereochemistry)
_· Priority System within Nomenclature (E/Z Stereochemistry)
5-7 -- Relative Stabilities of Alkenes
_· Trans-Alkenes vs. Cis-Alkenes
_· Cyclic Alkenes
_· Alkyl Group Substitution (Branches) Stabilize Alkenes
5-8 -- Electrophilic Addition Reactions
_· Electrophilic Addition of HX (X = -Cl, -Br, -I)
_· Regiospecific Reactions
5-9 -- Markovnikov's Rule
_· Carbocation Stability
_· Hyperconjugaton and Electron Delocalization
_· Resonance Picture of Carbocations
5-11 -- The Hammond Postulate
5-12 -- Rearrangement of Carbocations

_· 1,2-Hydride Shifts (:H-)
_· 1,2-Alkyl Shifts (:R-)
5-13 -- Degree of Unsaturation
_· Calculating the Degree of Unsaturation
_· General Formula for Degree of Unsaturation

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Structure and Reactivity of Alkenes

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