Carbonyl Condensation Reactions

Carbonyl Condensation Reactions -- Section 22 of Organic Chemistry Notes is 16 pages in length (page 22-1 through page 22-16) and covers ALL you'll need to know on the following lecture/book topics:

SECTION 22 – Carbonyl Condensation Reactions

22-1 -- Overview of Carbonyl Condensation Reactions
_· Aldol Condensation Reaction
_· Claisen Condensation Reaction
22-1 -- Aldol Condensation Reactions
22-1 -- Base-Catalyzed Aldol Condensation Reactions

_· Reaction is Reversible
_· Dehydration of the Alcohol Product Effects Equilibrium
22-3 -- Aldol Reactions Can Also Be Acid-Catalyzed
_· Reaction is Reversible
_· Dehydration of the Alcohol Product Effects Equilibrium
22-4 -- "Crossed” or “Mixed” Aldol Condensations
_· Involve the Reaction of 2 Different Carbonyl Compounds
22-5 -- Intramolecular Aldol Condensation Reactions
_· Favorable When 5- or 6-Membered Rings are Formed
22-5 -- Claisen Condensation Reactions
_· Use of an Appropriate Alkoxide Ion
_· Avoiding Transesterification
_· Use of a Strong, Non-Nucleophilic Base
22-6 -- Intramolecular Claisen Condensations
_· The Diechman Condensation
22-7 -- ”Crossed” or “Mixed” Claisen Condensations
_· With 2 Different Esters as the Reactants
_· With 1 Ketone and 1 Ester as the Reactants
22-8 -- More Diechman Condensations
22-9 -- Retrosynthetic Analysis Involving Aldol or Claisen Condensations

_· The “To Do” List -- How to Approach Retrosynthetic Analysis Problems
_· Identifying the Newly Formed C-C Bond
_· Determining if an Aldol or Claisen Condensation Will Actually Work
22-12 -- The Michael Reaction
_· Also Referred to as the “Michael Addition Reaction”
_· α,β-Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds
_· Major vs. Minor Products
22-13 -- The Robinson Annulation Reaction
_· A Special Type of Michael Reaction
_· Building of a “New Ring” Onto the Molecule
22-14 -- The Stork Enamine Reaction
_· Makes a 1,5-Dicarbonyl Product
_· Mechanism Involves a 3-Step Process
_· Enamines Also Do Michael Additions
_· Use of Pyrrolidine in the Stork Enamine Reaction
22-15 -- Retrosynthetic Analysis with the Stork Enamine Reaction in Mind

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Carbonyl Condensation Reactions

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