The Authors

The authors of Organic Chemistry Notes make all the difference: Created and developed by top university professors.

Have you ever missed lecture and borrowed a friend's notes, only to make absolutely no sense of them because they were either too difficult to follow, too simplified, or too focused on unimportant information? Friends' notes and even some online organic chemistry "help sites" have one major limitation: the usefulness of the notes are limited by the abilities of the note-taker.

Organic Chemistry Notes, in sharp contrast, was developed and written by chemistry professors from some of the nation's most elite institutions: Boston University, the University of North Carolina, UC San Diego, the University of San Diego, Michigan State University, and Dartmouth College. After 15+ years and countless hours of chemistry instruction, the collaborating authors created Organic Chemistry Notes to provide a complete set of easy-to-follow and easy-to-use Organic Chemistry notes for college students.

Prior to its availability, Organic Chemistry Notes was tested on the authors' own O-Chem students with staggering results. After receiving the Notes, students' retention of the material discussed in lecture increased by a factor of 12. In other words, a student focusing exclusively on the professor during lecture, without taking notes, was able to remember the same amount of information as if he/she attended the same lecture 12x over and over while taking notes.

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