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Simple - it is the ONLY product written by actual chemistry professors that's designed to combine both a student's [lecture notes AND textbook materials] into one easy-to-read and easy-to-understand format. So STOP spending an hour per page trying to read your complicated textbook!

Additionally, Organic Chemistry Notes removes the largest distraction that every student faces during lecture: taking notes. Our Notes are the only complete set of undergraduate Organic Chemistry notes proven to be so effective that it has been featured in Classroom Teacher magazine, Learning Edge magazine, and presented at hundreds of chemistry education seminars throughout the United States. Prior to its release and distribution, the contents of Organic Chemistry Notes were used exclusively by the contributing authors while they were teaching their own Organic Chemistry courses at some of the top colleges in the country.

The contributing professors of Organic Chemistry Notes noticed that regardless of which university they were teaching at, and regardless of which textbook they were using, their lecture notes never changed. This inspired the professors to develop and write Organic Chemistry Notes. Now that the Notes are available to all undergraduate chemistry students, they are the only system of their kind to be labeled the "perfect companion to chemistry students who want perfect notes" by Student Group Tour Magazine.

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This fact is exemplified by the thousands of chemistry students (see testimonials) from hundreds of different colleges throughout the U.S. who have used our Notes to earn "A" grades in their Organic Chemistry courses.


The enormous popularity of Organic Chemistry Notes would not be possible unless they were widely applicable to ANY undergraduate Organic Chemistry course and ANY college-level Organic Chemistry textbook. Go online and Google any university's Organic Chemistry course number (1st or 2nd semester - it doesn't matter) and examine the course syllabus. Invariably the syllabus will look almost identical to your own. This is why college transfer credit for Organic Chemistry is so freely given to students who transfer from one educational institution to another.


Before the first edition of Organic Chemistry Notes was written, we examined 37 undergraduate Organic Chemistry textbooks. We discovered that 96.7% of the chapters (and even the chapters' subtopics) were sequenced in exactly the same order. Although each "Section" in Organic Chemistry Notes corresponds to a specific chapter in your textbook, our "Sections" are written as easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand notes that are guaranteed to replace your in-lecture notes and textbook.


See for yourself if your O-Chem textbook is on our "Textbook Compatibility List" by scrolling through the list of textbooks. If your O-Chem textbook is on this list, you will benefit immediately from Organic Chemistry Notes.

Benefits of Organic Chemistry Notes

Organic Chemistry Notes instantly reduces the quantity of material that you must read, study, and learn by 36.1%.


With years of chemistry teaching experience at the collegiate level, the authors of Organic Chemistry Notes have been able to pinpoint exactly which material is essential and which material is completely irrelevant. An average chapter in your textbook is 44.0 pages. The average "Section" in our Notes is only 15.9 pages (a reduction of 36.1%). And remember, those 15.9 pages include the topics and contents of both your textbook and your lecture notes combined into a highly optimized easy-to-understand format. Every major topic is covered in great detail while topics never seen on exams are omitted.

One particular student (see Unpaid Testimonials) was studying O-Chem an average of 12 hours/week, or 192 hours/semester, before he received Organic Chemistry Notes. Immediately after purchasing our Notes, he was able to reduce his chemistry study-time to 4 hours/week, or 64 hours/semester, while earning better scores on his problem sets, quizzes, and midterm exams. How much money would you pay to save yourself 8 hours of studying per week without sacrificing your grade? If time is money, you will earn back your investment in a matter of days.

Most private tutors charge at least $20+/hour for their chemistry tutoring services. What do you get for 2 hours of tutoring? You "may" experience an increased understanding of the few topics covered during that short amount of time. In sharp contrast, our Notes have a proven track record of:


a. decreasing the quantity of reading by 36.1% without sacrificing the quality and completeness of the material being studied.


b. eliminating note-taking during lecture which enables students to retain 12x the amount of lecture material.


c. combining both Organic Chemistry lecture notes and textbook topics into a single easy-to-read format such that paying for a private tutor will not be necessary.



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